Not Without Anna Review
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Every parent’s worse nightmare is to have the angel of death spirit their child away, worse still when that demon of darkness is summoned by the deeds of another.

Not Without Anna is the story of young love, drugs, and alcohol and what happens when teenagers use them as avenues of escape.

As I sat reading this page-turner, my heart was in my mouth. I felt the sense of loss and helplessness that shrouded Kathryn Marshall when she learned that her “angel” had a tarnished halo. I was angered by the attack on single mothers by Charles Beckett, a columnist with the local newspaper and his chauvinistic attitude.

This book condenses an everyday reality into a quick read. Knowing where your children are is not enough -knowing what they are doing and why is more important.

There is a message between the lines that will make you sit up and pay attention to the signals, no matter how vague, that your own children may be sending.

Not Without Anna should become required reading for every parent, teacher and child.

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