An Accidental Woman Review
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Lake Henry is a small New England town that became home to Heather Malone since running from a past she planned to keep secret. She befriends Micah Smith, a widower raising two young daughters and settles into small town life...until the FBI show up to arrest her.

Poppy Blake, Heatherís best friend, runs an answering service out of her specially equipped home. Confined to a wheelchair as a result of a snowmobile accident that took the life of her boyfriend, Poppy had convinced herself that she is unable to do more than answer phones until she learns of Heather's plight and vows to do whatever she can to help set her free.

When Griffin Hughes, a writer, comes to town to do a follow up on a national news story, he becomes attracted to Poppy. A comment made to his brother, an agent with the FBI doing the investigation on Heather, causes a major setback in his plans to woo Polly so he sets out to solve the riddle of Heatherís past while helping Polly face the demons that are preventing her from fulfilling her dreams.

An Accidental Woman is a fast paced book with twists and turns in the plot to keep you turning the pages until the last word is read.

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