Sweet Bye-Bye Review
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Chenell Meyers is a twenty-eight-year- old, successful newspaper executive. She wears designer clothes, drives a sporty black vehicle and owns her own home. She is engaged to Eric, a good looking twenty-seven year old who dresses well, is totally self centered and believes that if he gets the milk for free…why buy the cow? As long as Chenell meets his needs, he is perfectly happy letting her believe that they have a future together as man and wife.

Chenell knows that Eric is resisting commitment but is sure of her love for him and sets out to persuade him to marry her sooner rather than later. When she almost loses her father to a heart attack, Chenell prays to God to spare her father’s life and in exchange, she will live a better life. So...one of the first things she does is to cut Eric off from the “milk” until after they are married. Eric doesn’t like being denied anything, especially since Chenell and he had been lovers already.

Chenell starts attending church regularly and in doing so, meets an old friend of hers, Keith Talbit. He is a church going, successful doctor and through their friendship and her renewed faith, she faces her inner demons…those little knots of fear of rejection and low self esteem that she had kept hidden so well for so long. Her biggest challenge is to see Eric and their relationship for what it really is and to not feel like a failure for breaking it up.

This book is slow is getting to the point. The wardrobe descriptions and designer name dropping made me feel as though I was browsing through a Vogue catalogue. Once I got into the book though, I felt I knew the characters and could actually relate to some of what Chenell was going through. When I reached the end, I breathed a sigh of relief. It was a long read in a short novel, a lot of religion and a bit predictable.

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