Soul City Review
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Cadillac Jackson is a reporter with Chocolate Magazine, sent on assignment to Soul City to cover the mayoral election. He's given three days to complete his assignment and return home, but Cadillac has an agenda of his own.

Arriving in town, he registers at the hotel Copasetic, located on Cool Street, then decides to find the infamous Sack-of-Six Biscuit Shop. He walks from Nappy Lane to Gravy Avenue, continuing on to Cornbread Boulevard. The sidewalks are triple width and teeming with people engaged in hair-braiding, marble shooting, preaching, bubble blowing, rollerblading, gossiping, and flirting. He notices that all of the traffic lights use red instead of green for traffic to advance…and clocks the average minute at ninety seconds long. He's in a black utopia…a fantasy land.

Upon reaching the biscuit shop, he meets Mahogany Sunflower and he knows his life will be forever changed. They play the mating game, she becomes pregnant, and they both suffer the wrath of her family and the townsfolk because Mahogany is a member of the town royalty…a member of the only family in the community with the ability to fly. It's expected that the offspring of any members would fly and that flight could only be guaranteed by mating with people of their own kind. The townsfolk believe that disaster would befall them if Mahogany’s baby did not possess this ability. All they could do was wait and see!

Emperor Jones, the mayor of the city is a 72-year-old, 330-pound, six-foot-three man. He's been the mayor for 12 years and wants to retire. His main job as mayor is to spin the tunes that are piped into the city from a central turntable connected to the speakers in the sidewalks. It's what the mayor planned to spin while in office that the good people of the city based their votes on.

His opponents were Coltrane Jones, leader of the Jazz Party, Willie Bobo, the Hiphop Nation’s leader, and the most dreaded Cool Spreadlove, who spun Soul Music and whose philosophy was sex…as much as you can get, with as many people as you liked, in any place public or private at anytime of the day or night.

There's another concern that the residents of this wonderland are not aware of. Having made a deal with the devil, John Jiggaboo is selling a shampoo that gained its popularity because of the glorious, shiny results obtained from its use. Those that didn’t have this glorious mane of hair wanted it, and so the competition began and John Jiggaboo became a billionaire selling the shampoo he knew contained an added ingredient that seeped into the brain, making the takeover of your soul easier.

With the wrong man elected to office and everyone shampooing their hair to see who will look the best, the city gradually slips to the dark side. How they manage to survive the shampoo and restore their government is told in a story where the “N” and “F” words flow freely and where the Slavery Experience is offered like a vacation cruise to those wanting to show reverence to their ancestors. Then there is the wait for the flying offspring...

I found this book of only 184 pages to be a very long and tiresome read and was glad when the last page was turned.

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