She is Me Review
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Lotte, Greta and Elizabeth, grandmother, mother and daughter, respectively are a close knit yet strangely distant family.

Grandmother Lotte is struggling with a tumor, a cancerous tumor that has decided to attach itself to her beautiful face. Lotte’s pride and joy was her beautiful soft skin and youthful complexion belying her years and now, she is marred for the rest of her life.

She has to go for treatments and has several surgeries to try to remove the offending blight and her daughter Greta is with her every step of the way while enduring her mother’s constant criticism of her choice of clothing. You see, Lotte’s family owned and operated a department store and Lotte was an actress and dancer and was always conscious of her appearance. She just couldn’t understand why her daughter dressed the way she did.

Greta is a landscape designer, specifically gardens, and wore jeans and other comfortable clothing, something her mother would never approve of. She was happily married for thirty years to Anthony, Dr. Anthony Bernard and mother to two children, Josh and Elizabeth. Greta also has a secret life, one that made her happier than she ever thought possible. She is in love with a woman. How will she explain this to Anthony and the children without destroying their lives and their relationship with her?

Elizabeth is a writer and the mother of a three year-old boy. She lives with the baby’s father, Brett but has refused to commit to marriage. No one can understand her hesitation to get married…least of all Brett who loves her and their life together.

Elizabeth has to deal with her grandmother’s cancer, has to struggle to accept that her mother has cancer as well and was pole axed when she finds out that her mother is a lesbian. Can she forgive her mother? What about her father…what will happen to him now?

This is not a quick read. It is complicated and at times hard to follow because of all of the twists and turns the characters maneuver through. The story line is interesting and at times hilarious but it isn’t a book I would want to read more than once.

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