Abalone Review
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Players: 2
Ages: 8 to Adult

Abalone is a unique game of strategy, bringing back that childhood memory of playing with marbles.

It is quick to learn and the object is to advance your marbles into your opponent’s field, overpower him, and force him off the board.

You play in turns and push your row of marbles into your opponent’s. As long as your row outnumbers your opponent’s row, you can force his row from the board.

The board is shaped in an octagon and made of hard plastic. There is a storage tray under the board for the marbles.

Abalone is a lot of fun to play and playing time varies…it becomes a different game each time you play because you’ll want to change your strategy every time to keep your opponent guessing.

It has been on the market for years and is available in most stores.

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