Voices of the Living Grail Review
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In today’s society, there is speculation that the Catholic Church is harboring more sin than good. There are the constant sexual abuse charges by grown men against the clergy they were assigned to as young alter boys. Threats of excommunication were made by the clergy to keep the masses in line…and it worked…more from fear than from faith.

Voices of the Living Grail takes us back to 13th century England where the Pope has ordered Cardinal Penzinar to destroy any trace of the supposed bloodline to Jesus and his wife, Mary Magdalene…the living grail. He was also ordered to destroy the heretics and witches who seek to do Satan’s work. Looking at this from today’s perspective, nothing has changed much. Some people are ridiculed and ostracized for having different beliefs and faiths. Spiritualists and those who follow a path of enlightenment are called witches just because of part of their practice may include the use of tools for divination. Back then, crystals were a part of the tools, something still in use today.

Parsus, the son of Lilenthia – a healer and priestess of the old religion, was taken to live in the castle of King Merovech so he could be trained alongside Alphania, the princess, in the ways of earth-based spirituality. Saramontus, a wandering Jew, would be their teacher, and Cardinal Penzinar’s biggest opposition. He would use his wisdom, magic and faith to defeat the threat to the King and the Princess.

Voices of the Living Grail is a fast paced story of good conquering evil and how the dictates of one mind strives to control many. It is a look into religious beliefs that are today still in question. It is the story of spiritual enlightenment among a few who seek to enlighten many. For those who see the possibilities in the theory surrounding the Grail, this book may be of interest to you as it will be to those open minded enough to accept the possibility that a lifetime of religious teaching may not have been the right teaching.

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