The Narrows Review
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Rachel Walling is an FBI agent forced into obscurity for botching an assignment. She is summoned back into action by the Poet via a telephone call from the department.

Harry Bosch is a retired LAPD detective, trying to unravel the mystery of his friend, Terry McCaleb’s death at the request of the widow. Upon discovering the connection between the Poet and McCaleb, Harry digs in to uncover the truth and is plunged headlong into a dark web of evil and murder.

Harry meets Rachel when they are inadvertently thrown together by the department they are at odds with in their bid to capture the most frightening serial killer in that city’s history…a killer presumed dead for many years.

The Poet is a former FBI agent turned serial killer. He knows how the department runs and what steps they will take to find and capture him. He also knew Rachel, knew she was responsible for shoving him through a plate glass window in an attempt at his capture. She caused him to have to go into hiding to recover from his injuries…forcing him to have plastic surgery to repair the damage, and to kill the witnesses to his new identity. He had been her mentor when he was on the right side of the law and had taught her well!

Michael Connelly is a master at thrillers and for the most part, this is no different. I did find that it took awhile before the book shifted into gear…to get to where my skin crawled up my spine as I turned the pages. But then again…I think it was more me wanting to find out what happens next…impatient with the characters while they did their jobs.

The Narrows is for all of you Michael Connelly fans and for those looking for a good murder mystery. It’s one in a series for his Harry Bosch character. I will definitely be looking for the others.

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