See Isabelle Run Review
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Left with an apartment that she couldn’t afford and a wardrobe of expensive clothes paid for by her ex, Isabelle Leonard found job hunting and trying to charm a prospective boss at interviews very stressful. She never dressed right, sweat circles always stained her blouses and her self-confidence always took a beating. You can imagine her surprise when she reported to Becky Belden Multimedia. She had the necessary skills but was not given an interview…she was given a job.

Although she found the employees a bit on the strange side, she felt that Becky Belden, a Martha Stewart-type homemaking guru was a caring, sensitive employer. She hosted her employees at her country estate for the training seminars, fed them well and made sure their needs were met.

When Isabelle starts to set up her desk, she found a picture that belonged to the person whose job she was filling. When she inquired about the person, Isabelle was informed that Marcia (the woman’s name) was dead.

Maxwell Collins, an executive at BBM noticed Isabelle during one of the tapings of the Becky Belden show and, determined to get to know her, started visiting the coffee shop where Isabelle worked a second job. Before long, they were dating and all was right with Isabelle’s world again. Of course, nothing ever stays wonderful for long.

Several BBM employees would die in a short period of time, one would disappear without a trace and Isabelle found herself to be a target of an attempt on her life by a cold-blooded killer when he in breaks into her apartment and tries to electrocute her as she sat in her bathtub.

In trying to sort out this mystery, Isabelle begins to suspect Mac and the story just snow balls from there.

Elizabeth Bloom has written spellbinding thriller. See Isabelle Run will keep you on the edge of your seat as you blend into the story and try to solve the mystery behind all of the deaths. There is surprise after surprise as the story takes you through the twists and turns in this chilling, spine tingling story.

I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a good murder-mystery.

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