A Confidential Source Review
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Hallie Ahern made the wrong decision. She fell in love. Once a well-known investigative reporter, her decision compromised a story she was working on. And left with no other recourse, she fled Boston, disgraced.

Hallie takes a position at the Providence Morning Chronicle as a reporter, covering the likes of spelling bees and tea parties, and tries to settle into her new home in Rhode Island. Fighting her demons of loneliness coupled with an addiction to gambling, she turns to scratch-and-win tickets and calling in to a late-night talk show.

One night, Hallie ventures out to purchase milk and a lottery ticket. While at the back of the store, she sees two suspicious-looking men standing in front of the dairy section. Excusing herself, she passes by and gets her first intuitive feeling that something is just not right. As she makes her way to the front of the store, she stops to pick out a ready-made salad and hears the sound of gunshots. The next thing she knows, the store owner is dead, and she’s the only witness.

When the police are called in, they classify the case as a robbery gone wrong…case closed. But Hallie’s investigative experience says differently. Hoping to re-enter the world of investigative journalism, she convinces her boss to let her cover the story, and she soon uncovers the secrets of the victim’s past. As she probes further, she soon finds that both her job and her life in jeopardy.

A Confidential Source is a fast-paced, well-written novel. Jan Brogan combines fiction with real-life drama to make her characters both strong and believable. Read this book, and you’ll be rapidly turning the pages, laying the blame while trying to figure out whodunit until the very end.

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