Trivial Pursuit: Disney Edition Review
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Players: 2-6
Playing Time: about an hour

Last weekend, my husband and I picked up a copy of Trivial Pursuit: Disney Edition. Since we’re both “Disney aficionados” (or so we like to think), we figured it would be a challenging way to spend a rainy afternoon.

This version of Trivial Pursuit is set up in much the same way as every other version of the game: Players roll the dice to advance to pie squares, try to answer as many trivia questions correctly as possible in order to fill up their pie piece with wedges of every color, and then try to be the first one to make it to the center of the board. The difference with this game, however, is in the trivia cards themselves.

The game comes with one deck of trivia cards split into half children’s questions and half adult questions. Now, most versions of Trivial Pursuit have the questions on one side of the card, and the answers on the other. In this version, the answers are listed directly below the questions—all on one side of the card. The other side of the card contains a scene from a Disney animated feature, and the player answering the question should be able to get a good look at the picture because the questions on that particular card will all have something to do with that film. The children’s questions are random (no categories), but the adult questions still contain specific categories: Heroes & Heroines, Once Upon a Time, Monsters & Villains, Supporting Stars, Places & Props, and The Wonderful World of Disney.

I found this game to be entertaining for the first round or two but in the end, I was disappointed with it. As a rabid Disney fan who has more useless Disney-related information swimming around in her head than is probably healthy, I was really looking forward to showing off my knowledge. Unfortunately, I found the trivia questions to be way too easy and unchallenging. My biggest problem was that the questions focused solely on the Disney animated features, when there’s a wealth of additional trivia out there: about the live-action films, about Walt Disney himself, about the theme parks, about the history of the company, and so on. Also, there are no refill packets of trivia cards available, so the game is only good for a few rounds (which, given the high price tag on this game, is not really worth it).

This game might be good for a quick family night—young children, especially, will love it. But if you’re big on less well-known Disney trivia, you’ll probably be disappointed.

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