Scene It?: 007 Edition Review
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Players: 2+
Playing Time: 30-90 minutes

Most husbands complain about having to watch those sappy, predictable, lovey-dovey movies with their wives. Not me, though…my wife is way too cool for that. She’s a Bond fan and this year, for her birthday, someone was awesome enough to get her the James Bond edition of Scene It.

We’ve been fans of the game since buying the movie edition about a year ago. It’s easily the best board game I’ve ever come across. There’s something about watching clips from movies you haven’t seen in years that just makes the whole experience great.

In the case of the Bond edition, I think the martini playing piece is my favourite part of the whole game—or maybe the multitude of clips all the way from Connery (the only true Bond, for us purists) to Brosnan (who’s more for the ladies...). Or perhaps it’s just the fact that I finally have an excuse to throw a cocktail party for all of my sophisticated, drunkard friends—either way, the game is a smashing success.

One thing: if you already have one of the full-sized Scene-It sets, you can just buy the James Bond expansion pack and play on your existing board. So grab yourself a martini and call up your friends because you’re going to want to throw a party—just to give you an excuse to play!

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