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Holy Mackerel and A Dog’s Breakfast
This edition of Stolen from the Headlines concerns a parole jumper’s use of canned spaghetti sauce, a man’s rude awakening from a nap by a woman who picked up the first weapon she could find, another’s man choice of attire while lounging on the bonnet (Aussie for hood) of a speeding car, and a woman’s decision to work her boyfriend over with a knife when his dog found her stash.

Another Spaghetti Bomb [more...]
Sequels and Superheroes: 2013 Summer Movie Preview, Part 2
Now that we’ve all taken a little time to enjoy the outdoors—and we’re all nursing our sunburn and bug bites with the appropriate creams and lotions and gels—it’s time to step back inside for another look at the summer’s biggest (and smallest) movies. After you take a minute or two to recap May and June, let’s move on to the movies of July and [more...]
Sequels and Superheroes: 2013 Summer Movie Preview, Part 1
Now that we’ve made it through another ho-hum winter and so-so spring, it’s time for movie lovers to rejoice. Summer Blockbuster Season is here once again! As always, we’ve got the lowdown on all of the hits and misses that are heading to theaters near you from the thrilling start of May through the anti-climactic end of August.

Forget about spending your summer enjoying the great outdoors, with its sunburn and mosquito bites! [more...]
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