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Infinitely Polar Bear
Relationships arenít easy to maintain. They require time and effortónot to mention a whole lot of love, sacrifice, and flexibility. In writer/director Maya Forbesís autobiographical indie dramedy, Infinitely Polar Bear, a lovably dysfunctional family faces one challenge after another as they fight to make their relationships work.

Infinitely Polar Bear stars Mark Ruffalo as Cameron Stuart, a manic-depressive husband [more...]
Narrative of Thee Blast Illusion - Felix Da Housecat
Iíve never been into the club scene (spare the nerd jokes), so the name Felix Da Housecat meant next to nothing when I first heard it a few days ago. However, upon further exploration, I discovered that Felix is quite the dance music legendólargely credited with ushering in the electroclash era and even overcoming an alcohol addiction in the midst of a career spanning twenty-plus years. With his newest release, Narrative of Thee Blast [more...]
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