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Once, each new film from M. Night Shyamalan was heavily buzzed, the director’s name splashed across the poster and trailers. Over the last decade, though, his career has taken a turn—and his films have gone from splashy summer releases to the quiet January release of eerie psychological thriller Split.

Split tells the story of three teenage girls who are kidnapped and locked away in a dark basement by a strange and [more...]
The Founder
Each day, millions of people around the world dig into their Big Macs and Happy Meals. For many of us, fast food is a regular part of our hectic lives. But if you’ve ever wondered how McDonald’s became the fast food superpower that it is today, you may be intrigued—but not entirely surprised—by the drama and deception of director John Lee Hancock’s Ray Kroc biopic The Founder.

The Founder begins in St. Louis, where [more...]
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