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Mistress America
Earlier this year, when director Noah Baumbach took aim at self-absorbed hipsters in the chatty but clever While We’re Young, it seemed as though he’d finally gotten it right. But, for the follow-up, Mistress America, he’s back to his old ways, filling the film with clueless narcissists who think they’re far more exceptional than they really [more...]
Z for Zachariah
As the old saying goes, “Two is company, but three’s a crowd.” And for the trio of survivors in the post-apocalyptic drama Z for Zachariah, that’s still the case when those three people could possibly be the last three people on Earth.

Z for Zachariah stars Margot Robbie as Ann, a lonely young woman who somehow managed to survive a mysterious disaster that seems to have turned the rest of civilization into a radioactive [more...]
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