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Kids’ movies come in all styles, ranging from wild, wacky cartoonish comedies to smarter, more sophisticated tales. The latest animated adventure from DreamWorks, Home, falls somewhere in the middle: light and entertaining but not much more memorable than its generic title.

Home begins as an alien race called the Boov arrives on Earth—the latest stop in their ongoing mission to run away and hide from their enemies, the [more...]
Get Hard
In the last couple of years, it’s become clear that Kevin Hart is a comic on his way up—one with the magical ability to turn a mediocre comedy into a box office hit. So it’s no surprise that everyone in Hollywood wants to work with him. And though he may get second billing to Will Ferrell for his latest film, Get Hard, there’s no doubt that he’s the real star.

Get Hard finds Ferrell’s hedge fund manager James [more...]
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