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Armstrong & Charlie - Steven B. Frank
It’s all too easy to see someone who doesn’t seem to be like us—someone from a different neighborhood, a different social standing, a different country—and write him or her off. But in Armstrong & Charlie, a kids’ novel inspired by true events, author Steven B. Frank encourages readers to take the time to look beyond the surface.

The story takes place in Los Angeles in 1974. As a new school year begins, Charlie finds that [more...]
Unless you’re a critic, it’s generally frowned upon to offer your brutally honest opinions about things. We’re taught at a young age to soften blows, to respect others’ feelings, to mind our own business. But the quirky dramedy Wilson follows the adventures of a man who clearly didn’t learn those lessons.

Wilson stars Woody Harrelson as the title character, a socially awkward middle-aged man who lives alone with his [more...]
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