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Books 2013: A Page-Turning Escape
This time of year is generally all about the movies. As the year closes and a new year begins, critics are busy weighing in on the best and worst movies of the year (see my take) while obsessively assessing all of the latest award wins and nominations. Now that the award season insanity is dying down, though—as Hollywood prepares for Oscar night on March third—it’s the [more...]
Books 2012: Sneaking in a Few Pages
Now that we’re well into 2013 (and I’ve procrastinated long enough), it’s long past time to take a look back at the best books of 2012—the ones that inspired the team of reviewers here at N& to hide in the bathroom for a few minutes or turn in a little early at night, just to fit in some extra reading time.

Margaret’s Picks:

Books 2011: Beating the Recession Blues
As we once again pack away our holiday decorations and hang up our new calendars, it’s time to take one last look back on the old year before diving head-first into the new one. So now that we’ve recapped the best and worst in 2011’s movies, let’s move on to the year’s books.

While the movies of 2011 may have left us feeling a little…underwhelmed, we here [more...]
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