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Fear - Dirk Kurbjuweit
Each day, families get up and go through their daily routines: eating meals, traveling to and from work and school, enjoying time together. But in Fear by German author Dirk Kurbjuweit, it takes just one note between neighbors to turn one young family’s comfortable existence into one of suspicion and dread.

The story begins with a murder. Randolph’s father comes to visit the family at their flat in Berlin, and he leaves in [more...]
Murder Over Mochas (Java Jive #5) - Caroline Fardig
In the first four books in the Java Jive series, author Caroline Fardig’s feisty heroine, Juliet Langley, has fought to get a fresh start in Nashville after losing everything back in her hometown. But in the fifth installment, Murder Over Mochas, she’s forced to come face-to-face with the people who ruined her life.

The story finds private investigator and coffeehouse manager Juliet confronted by her past when her [more...]
Ax to Grind (Kenni Lowry #3) - Tonya Kappes
When you live in a small town, your secrets rarely stay secret for long—because everone seems to know everyone else’s business. But in Ax to Grind, the third Kenni Lowry mystery by author Tonya Kappes, long-kept secrets lead to murder and mayhem for a small-town sheriff.

The story follows Sheriff Kenni Lowry’s investigation as the gossip circles in her small town of Cottonwood, Kentucky, erupt with speculation about the [more...]
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