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Mirror, Mirror - Cara Delevingne with Rowan Coleman
Cara Delevingne is known as a model, an actress, and a fixture in tabloids. But apparently that isn’t enough to keep her busy—so now, with the publication of coming-of-age novel Mirror, Mirror, co-written with Rowan Coleman, she adds “novelist” to her ever-growing resume.

The story follows the three remaining members of a high school rock band after one of the members, Naomi, goes missing and is found unconscious weeks later. [more...]
Fear - Dirk Kurbjuweit
Each day, families get up and go through their daily routines: eating meals, traveling to and from work and school, enjoying time together. But in Fear by German author Dirk Kurbjuweit, it takes just one note between neighbors to turn one young family’s comfortable existence into one of suspicion and dread.

The story begins with a murder. Randolph’s father comes to visit the family at their flat in Berlin, and he leaves in [more...]
Mrs. Saint and the Defectives - Julie Lawson Timmer
After experiencing something traumatic, some people surround themselves with loved ones, while others prefer to close themselves off from the outside world. In Mrs. Saint and the Defectives by author Julie Lawson Timmer, one woman tries to escape the world while she licks her wounds, only to end up finding an unexpected new circle of loved ones.

The story follows newly divorced Markie as she walks away from the humiliation and [more...]
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