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13 Dates - Matt Dunn
Falling in love can be a complicated thing. It’s usually a mess of emotions and baggage, embarrassment and insecurity. So in 13 Dates by author Matt Dunn, one man devises a plan to convince the woman of his dreams that they belong together.

The story begins about as awkwardly as a romance could. Noah Wilson is on his way to a blind date when he runs into Starbucks to use the bathroom. Feeling guilty about not buying [more...]
Beachbound (Pineapple Cay #2) - Junie Coffey
In Sunbaked, the first Pineapple Cay adventure by author Junie Coffey, a newly-divorced woman decided to pack up and move to a beach house on a tropical island—only to get caught up in a mystery. And she finds herself caught up in yet another investigation in the sequel, Beachbound.

The story catches up with the newest resident of Pineapple Cay, Nina [more...]
Sprinkle with Murder (Cupcake Bakery #1) - Jenn McKinlay
Unabridged Digital Audiobook
Runtime: 6 hours, 24 minutes
Read by Susan Boyce

It may seem like running a cupcake shop would be the perfect job. After all, you’re surrounded by sweet treats all day, every day. But in the audio edition of Sprinkle with Murder, the first Cupcake Bakery Mystery by author Jenn McKinlay, a cupcake baker ends up caught up in a murder investigation.

The story finds two [more...]
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