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Sweet Lake - Christine Nolfi
Without a little bit of tension and conflict, even contemporary romances can fall flat. But in Sweet Lake, the first book in a new series by author Christine Nolfi, a hardworking businesswoman may face a little more than her share of conflict and family drama.

The story introduces Linnie Wayfair, the manager of the historic Wayfair Inn in Sweet Lake, Ohio. Seven years ago, Linnie’s older brother, Freddie, left for California [more...]
Girl 99 - Andy Jones
After the end of a relationship, people often find themselves looking back and reflecting on what went wrong. But in Girl 99 by author Andy Jones, a young single guy looks way back to all of his relationships—and sets an ill-advised goal for his relationship future.

The story follows newly-single Tom on an outrageous quest. After a series of stupid mistakes causes his girlfriend, Sadie, to leave him right before [more...]
The Young Wives Club - Julie Pennell
Young love isn’t always easy. After all, in our teens and early twenties, we’re still trying to figure out our own lives—so adding another person to the mix can add drama right along with the romance. And four young women struggle to balance their lives and loves in author Julie Pennell’s The Young Wives Club.

The story travels to the small town of Toulouse, Louisiana, where people rarely wait to get settled into their lives [more...]
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