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Dear Dwayne, With Love - Eliza Gordon
Some of us had imaginary friends as kidsóplaymates who always wanted to do the same things we did, who were always there for us. But the main character in author Eliza Gordonís Dear Dwayne, With Love has kept her imaginary (but not-really-imaginary) friend well into adulthood.

The story follows aspiring actress Danielle Steele (with an e) on a completely unexpected adventure through romance and fitness. Daniís life is [more...]
It Had to Be You - Keris Stainton
Romance novels and romantic comedies often talk about characters who meet the man of their dreams. But in It Had to Be You by author Keris Stainton, a young woman meets a man who really has been appearing in her dreamsóbut, as is often the case, the reality is never really the same as the dream.

The story follows 25-year-old Bea on her quest to find The One. For the past 10 years, Bea has been having the same dream: [more...]
Death, Taxes, and a Shotgun Wedding (Tara Holloway #12) - Diane Kelly
Since the first Tara Holloway mystery was published in 2011, author Diane Kelly has taken readers on a series of adventures that you might not expect from an IRS agent. And in the twelfth and final installment, Death, Taxes, and a Shotgun Wedding, all of Taraís toughest cases come back to haunt her.

The story catches up with the tough and brainy IRS agent as she tries to juggle a rental scam case and the plans for her upcoming [more...]
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