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Nothing But Trouble - Jacqueline Davies
Unabridged Digital Audiobook
Runtime: 6 hours, 7 minutes
Read by Brittany Pressley

In recent months, young people have started stepping forward to talk about what’s important to them. In the audio edition of Nothing but Trouble by author Jacqueline Davies, a couple of clever and spirited young girls find a different—and more scientific—way to rally their classmates.

The story shakes things up in the [more...]
Almost Super - Marion Jensen
Unabridged Digital Audiobook
Runtime: 6 hours, 3 minutes
Read by Mike Chamberlain

Most kids love a good superhero fantasy, with strong characters battling bad guys with their superhuman powers. But in the audio edition of Almost Super by author Marion Jensen, a couple of would-be superheroes get powers that are completely worthless—so they must learn to be super without the powers.

The story [more...]
A Purely Private Matter (Rosalind Thorne #2) - Darcie Wilde
Unabridged Digital Audiobook
Runtime: 10 hours 53 minutes
Read by Sarah Nichols

In Jane Austen’s Regency novels, the characters often spend much of the story fretting about what’s right and proper. And in the audio edition of the second Rosalind Thorne novel, A Purely Private Matter, author Darcie Wilde takes that oh-so-proper period drama and blends in a little bit of mystery.

This perfectly polite [more...]
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