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RPM MUSIC: Dixie Bob
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Ever Changing Minstrel - Bill Wilson
I’ve found another gem from Tompkins Square Records, and it’s the rerelease of Ever Changing Minstrel by Bill Wilson.

The story goes that Wilson drove to Nashville, to the home of producer Bob Johnson. Johnson had producer Bob Dylan’s benchmark album, Blonde on Blonde. After listening to a few of Wilson’s songs and liking them, Johnson rounded up many of the musicians who appeared on Dylan’s album and got them in the [more...]
Fate Is Only Twice - Harry Taussig
Want to learn how to play guitar? Already a guitarist but still want to learn more? Just want to hear some wonderful and influential playing by an often overlooked master guitar player? If you answered “yes” to any of the aforementioned questions, here’s the CD for you: Harry Taussig’s Fate Is Only Twice, which was originally released in 1965 and is now available again.

The CD contains twelve songs, all which are instrumentals. [more...]
Oh Michael, Look What You’ve Done: Friends Play Michael Chapman - Various Artists
Okay…I know you’ve got two questions to ask right off the bat: 1) Who is Michael Chapman, and 2) Who are the “friends”?

Michael Chapman is an English-born singer/songwriter of folk music, whose very first album, Rainmaker was released in 1969 on the Harvest label. Harvest may ring a bell to some of our readers; it was also the record label on which early Pink Floyd and Deep Purple appeared. Since then, Chapman has released over [more...]
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