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Metro Jethro - Jon Reep
If there’s room for some southern humor in your life, then make way for Jon Reep in your comedy collection. Reep, a past winner of the show Last Comic Standing and an actor in this year’s Larry the Cable Guy Christmas Special, has an exceptionally witty tongue and a finesse for story telling that will leave you enjoying every second of his new CD, Metro Jethro.

The CD comes with a bonus DVD, essentially repeating [more...]
Christmastime in Larryland - Larry the Cable Guy
Larry the Cable Guy is very good at what he does – which is a little hard to define. The comedian has adopted a character and simply disappears into it: a strange yet fitting amalgam of Andy Griffith (southern folksiness), Rodney Dangerfield (crude one-liners) and singer Toby Keith (jingoistic politics).

I’ve enjoyed his appearances on morning radio, Blue Collar TV, and his voiceover work in the animated movie [more...]
Werewolves and Lollipops - Patton Oswalt
It was a dark and stormy night…

Oh, hold on…. It was actually quite sunny. In fact, it was a nice night—which made it all the more pathetic that I was stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the theater to watch a teen comedy. As I inched along through traffic, I called a colleague to make sure I’d have a seat when I finally got to my [pathetic] destination.

“Did you listen to that Patton Oswalt CD yet?” he asked as I [more...]
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