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RPM MUSIC: Smoky Moves
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The Reflection - Keb Mo
Keb Mo (Kevin Moore) has been gaining much notoriety with his work as a composer for films and television. If you're a fan of TNT's Memphis Beat, then you’ve heard his music. The Reflection is his first CD since Suitcase, which arrived for our listening pleasure in 2006.

The Reflection showcases his musical versatility with journeys into R&B, soul, and jazz. Not only [more...]
Pathways - Dave Holland Octet
Jazz aficionados are well aware of bassist Dave Holland who has been around for five decades. Holland’s name became well known as a member of Miles Davis’ group during the Afro-Jazz period of the late 1960’s—on Davis’ popular Bitches Brew album. Since that time, whether it was Dave’s playing with others, his writing and/or solo work, he has shown himself to be among the upper echelon of current jazz greats.

His latest [more...]
The Essential Carole King - Carole King
When I was a sophomore in high school, and I first heard the jazz-infused “It’s Too Late” and the catchy “I Hear the Earth Move,” I just had to rush out and buy Tapestry, the album by my new favorite female artist. Little did I know that this singer, Carole King, had already made a name for herself as a songwriter in the early 1960s.

My vinyl copy of Tapestry now crackles, since I failed to replace the phonograph needle [more...]
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