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Narrative of Thee Blast Illusion - Felix Da Housecat
I’ve never been into the club scene (spare the nerd jokes), so the name Felix Da Housecat meant next to nothing when I first heard it a few days ago. However, upon further exploration, I discovered that Felix is quite the dance music legend—largely credited with ushering in the electroclash era and even overcoming an alcohol addiction in the midst of a career spanning twenty-plus years. With his newest release, Narrative of Thee Blast [more...]
Broken Bells - Broken Bells
When I first heard the self-titled debut from the indie duo Broken Bells, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Sure, the opening cut and hit single, “The High Road,” has that unyielding chorus that just grabs you—along with that contemporary but still nostalgic Moody Blues feel. But I wondered whether that song would be representative of the entire CD, or if the synthesized music would grow old after a while.

Of course, the guys [more...]
One Love - David Guetta
Summer may be long gone, but you still need a break from work or school. So if you’re looking for some fun electronic party music, check out DJ David Guetta’s One Love.

Guetta has put together a powerful line-up of soul and hip hop vocalists for his fourth studio album, highlighting twelve cuts of pure electronic dance music.

This CD features vocals that, for the most part, are not only energetic but passionate. It [more...]
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