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Confusion Moderne - DTCV
It’s not every day that you hear about a band changing languages from one album to the next, but that’s exactly what DTCV did for their most recent release, Confusion Moderne. Making the switch from English to lead singer/songwriter Lola G’s native French, Moderne is (at least until I get a lyric sheet and a translation of it) to be judged almost exclusively from a sound perspective—which, as it turns out, is still pretty good. [more...]
Janus - Matt Kivel
As a collaboration with fellow songwriter Alasdair Roberts—and, by extension, almost a dozen other musicians who contribute throughout the album—Matt Kivel’s third release, Janus, would initially appear to be the poster child for musical diversity. But while it does feature a plethora of instruments, as well as an astonishing gift for catchy melodies, the slow, methodical pace of each song coupled with some less than chipper lyrics will [more...]
All of Something - Sports
I don’t get it. They say that variety is the spice of life, and with today’s “what have you done for me in the last ten seconds?” mentality, it’s now more important than ever. So why any band would release an album so monotonous that it could have easily been played all the way through with no breaks is absolutely beyond me. Yet this is exactly what Sports has done with their most recent release, All of Something. And whatever that [more...]
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