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RPM MUSIC: 'Round the World
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In the Name of Love - Various Artists
It’s hard to believe that four musicians from Ireland could have such an impact on the world—but throughout their three decades in the spotlight, the lads from U2 have used their music and fame to raise awareness and support for numerous causes. In celebration of U2’s music—and in the spirit of the band’s concern for the world around them—comes a new compilation of U2 covers, entitled In the Name of Love: Africa Celebrates U2. [more...]
Moyo (Heart and Soul) - Keiko Matsui
This, mostly instrumental, disc is an incredible fusion of perfectly balanced sounds, passionately rendered, serene and effortlessly intricate. There are so many delightfully exotic influences laced in here that it’s almost impossible to categorize.

Matsui composed every piece on this album, and the entire work is heartbreakingly brilliant and instantly familiar, like meeting someone new that immediately feels like an old friend. [more...]
Checkpoint - The Unseen Guest
The Unseen Guest has done it again with their second album, Checkpoint. The musicianship is astounding, the vocals are delightfully synergistic and the songwriting is genius. The mix is clean; there is a colorful blend of instruments and a brilliant rhythm section. The lyrics are profound and extremely poetic.

It opens with “Miracle Mile.” The [more...]
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