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RPM MUSIC: Mystical Musings
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Floratone - Floratone
Floratone’s self-titled album offers up some very unique and groovy electronic jazz with a creative mix of sounds that encompasses almost every imaginable mood within its eleven tracks.

The title track opens it up with an intro featuring the rhythm section. This evolves into a feast of sublime guitar work laced with some playful horn stylings. “The Wanderer” is dark, yet beautiful, with lots of minor chords and some very [more...]
Greatest Hits - Amy Grant
Amy Grant has been credited as being one of the pioneers of Contemporary Christian music which, according to my definition, is pop/rock music with a positive and upbeat message. While other Christian singers started out singing rock music and then bringing their message of faith to the mainstream, Amy Grant did it in reverse. After years of singing faith-filled songs, she did what no other artists had done in the mid-eighties - brought her [more...]
Songs of Leonard Cohen - Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen’s songs have been covered time and time again, by artists around the world, throughout the four decades since the release of his debut album, Songs of Leonard Cohen, in 1967. So even if you think you know nothing about the legendary singer/songwriter/poet or his music, you’d probably be surprised by the number of familiar melodies and lyrics you’d find among his works. His “Hallelujah,” for instance, has been covered by [more...]
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