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American Idol Goes (Lady) GaGa
Top 40 Download Week on AMERICAN IDOL was supposed to give the contestants a chance to sound current—you know, let them show us what kind of album they will make when the hoopla of AMERICAN IDOL is over. For some, it was pure recording-star magic, but not everybody belonged in the celestial night sky.

THE PAULA REPORT: Paula looked beautiful Tuesday night in a strapless hot pink dress and flat-ironed [more...]
Idols Find That Motown Sound
This week Motown Records, recording home to musical legends like Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, and Jackson Five, invited the top ten AMERICAN IDOL contestants to visit “Hittsville USA.” This week also marked the return of those annoying collaborative Ford commercials. Groan.

THE PAULA REPORT: Wednesday’s program began with the usual pre-show buildup. I was excited to hear this week’s performances, but I was DYING to [more...]
American Idol With Country Gravy
Country music week on AMERICAN IDOL was excruciating, as usual. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy some of the music, but there are always a few singers who are so un-countrified that it hurts to watch them squeeze out a twang for the sake of the contest. Yeesh—like watching a car wreck. This was also the week contestants were narrowed down to the coveted top ten spots, deciding which songsters will get mega-exposure on the official [more...]
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