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COLUMNS: Not Exactly News
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Local Woman Not as Thin as She Used to Be
MATTAWOMAN, MD Over a cup of coffee at the Latte Café coffee shop in Mattawoman yesterday, Esther Crandall announced to her neighbor and long-time friend, Marge Timbrook, that her bridge club was discussing last Tuesday night how Sheryl Graham just isn’t as thin as she used to be.

“I remember when Sheryl was just a young girl—and she was so pretty and thin… Not that I’m saying she’s fat or anything. (“Oh no!” agreed Timbrook) I’m [more...]
Child Fascinated by Christmas Presents
GRAVITY, IA Danny Hanson’s second Christmas was the best yet. After all, last year, he was just a kid. He had no idea how much fun Christmas could really be. This year, though, he knew what was going on.

For weeks, he saw the brightly-colored packages under the Christmas tree. All the bows and ribbons and paper. For weeks, Danny had been getting into trouble for opening packages—and he had learned to sneak into the living room [more...]
Popular Performer Reflects on Music, Stardom
GREENSBURG, IN It’s 11 a.m., and we’re sitting at a small table in the middle of Roxie’s, a homey diner in the old part of a quaint Midwestern town. Across from me, inconspicuously slumped into a dark green vinyl booth, sipping green tea out of a coffee-stained mug, is a woman who’s quickly becoming a musical legend.

“It’s hard, all this tourin’,” Mandy Sailsman tells me. “I barely even know what town I’m in anymore. They all [more...]
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