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COLUMNS: In Your Dreams
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Lazarus Gone Wrong
Dear Christine,

A few months ago, I broke off an unhealthy relationship. I recently had a vivid dream that I was sitting in a quiet room. When I looked to my left, there was a skeleton standing next to me. The skeleton had hair and clothes that resembled those of my former lover, and I was compelled to reach out and gently tug at the arm of his sweater. When I did (much to my dismay), the flesh quickly grew back on his bones (sort [more...]
Nothing Like a Slacker
Hey Christine,

I had the strangest dream the other night. I recently started a new job (in real life). In my dream, everyone in my new office would stop working every day at around mid-afternoon, and we’d all go into the library and play board games. We would play different games every day, but I remember that, at one point, we were playing the Game of Life. We got caught one day by a supervisor (no one that I recognized from the [more...]
Recurring Roller Coasters
Dear Christine,

I’ve been having recurring dreams of being strapped in the front seat of a roller coaster. I am deathly afraid of heights, and the first drop of a roller coaster is the most frightening thing to me. I don’t like the falling sensation, and I constantly dream of roller coasters.

What do you think this could mean?

Feet on the Ground

Dear Feet,

Recurring dreams [more...]
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