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COLUMNS: Stolen from the Headlines
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Big Mountain Report
This edition of Stolen from the Headlines deals with a mystery train at a local depot, a guy who couldn’t ditch his ex-wife, a woman who provoked a food fight, and a guy who didn’t make it to the rest stop in time.

The News from Flathead
Originally reported by Flathead Beacon

8:03 a.m. A Flathead County man called 911 to chat [more...]
The Two Mile Drive Report
This edition of Stolen from the Headlines covers an exciting, almost-new form of air travel, police news as called in by faithful neighborhood observers, a guy who somehow wound up waist-deep in pond water, and a boyfriend who is, to hear him tell it, a whiz at legal advice.

Hard Landing
Originally reported by [more...]
Pet Rabbit Alert and Other Bulletins
This edition of Stolen from the Headlines covers a group of people who are on the phone way too much, some dinosaur experts who need to get out more, a lady who would be well advised to choose her playmates more carefully, and two brothers who may be up for the next Dumb and Dumber movie.

Police Log
Originally reported by The News [more...]
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