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COLUMNS: English Accents
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The Lion in Winter
It’s Christmas of 1183, and King Henry II (Peter O’Toole) has to decide to name one of his three sons as heir to his throne. It’s an urgent matter because, many years earlier, a treasured dowry of land was paid to Henry in return for the pledge of marriage of Alais (Jane Merrow), sister of Prince Phillip of France (Timothy Dalton), to the next King of England. Now the time’s up; name the king and hold the wedding, or return the dowry. [more...]
If you’re a woman with “lady problems” in London, 1961, there’s one man you want to see: Dr. Otto Powell (Jack Davenport), the brilliant, handsome, suave surgeon whose sensitivity and warmth will make you feel better about those humiliating issues. He’s got it all, it seems: a beautiful wife and son, a great social life, the respect of his peers, and a breezy attitude to go with it. His watchword: “It will all work out.”

But Dr. [more...]
Picnic at Hanging Rock
“…a dream within a dream….”

It's Valentine’s Day, 1900, in rural Queensland, where a group of schoolgirls, corseted and all in white, are sent by their stern headmistress for an afternoon picnic beneath a harrowing volcanic rock formation called Hanging Rock. She warns them not to venture into the steep rock itself, where many dangers wait, including venomous snakes and poisonous ants.

As the girls relax for their [more...]
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