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COLUMNS: Single in the City
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Guy Canít Read Writing in the Sky
Dear Christine,

Iím sort of seeing a woman that I like a lot. When we first started showing interest in each other, we both agreed that we didnít want anything too exclusive. After some time, however, I found we tended to finish off our Saturday evenings at the same pub. Coincidence? I think not.

We always manage to gravitate to each other when the bartender announces last call and then we either go to the same [more...]
Fiancť Not Even Ready for a Steady
Dear Christine,

My boyfriend and I are planning to get married next summer. Iíve been looking into banquet halls and photographers. Itís been relaxing and exciting all at the same time.

I was flabbergasted when he just told me he thought we should take a break from us for a ďdonít ask, donít tellĒ month. He thinks a last bit of freedom will help reaffirm our love and ultimately strengthen our vows. I think this [more...]
Non-verbal Guy Sounds Like a Keeper
Dear Christine,

Iíve been going out with a really sweet guy for nearly six months. We see each other several times a week, and we get along great. Heís taken me to parties and introduced me to his friends and family. His mom is great.

The only problem is I donít know where I stand with him because he hasnít actually told me. Heís physically affectionate but withdrawn when it comes to verbal expressions of his [more...]
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