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24 Hours in the Mouth of Madness
This here, it was the type of thing my friends and I had fantasized about for years; kicking off Saturday, October 15th, at noon, the Music Box Massacre, a 24-hour horror movie marathon—sort of an endurance challenge for depraved couch potatoes of the horror-fanatic variety. It was set up just like a horror cliché—the eccentric uncle who kicks off, leaving his inheritance to whatever family member can survive the night in his haunted [more...]
Revenge of the Fanboys
For ages, mainstream culture has forced geeks into the closet—made to feel ashamed of their love for comic books, their extensive knowledge of the science fiction, horror and action B-universe and their awareness of inane, insignificant celluloid factoids.

Classified as a substrata of Nerd genus but lacking the technical abilities, computer knowledge, or any useful practical skills that would make their characteristics [more...]
Politics as Horror, Horror as Art: Part 5
A haggard, ratty, looking man with a pocked face and haunting stare laces his fingers through a chain link fence, gazing hungrily at a young boy lost in a daydream out the window. When the little boy accidentally falls into this leer the old man snarls: “Yes, I’m looking at you,” crosses the walk, and enters the building. The boy sends his brother to fetch a baseball bat and stands waiting for the man, but a short while later, it [more...]
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