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Kingsman: The Golden Circle
In 2015, director Matthew Vaughn introduced audiences to prim and proper agents who sometimes resort to extreme violence in the graphic novel adaptation Kingsman: The Secret Service. And in the eagerly awaited sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, he introduces a new band of eccentric superspies to the over-the-top mix.

Kingsman: The Golden [more...]
In 1990, the TV miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s It caused kids everywhere (and plenty of grown-ups, too) to lose sleep, haunted by terrifying images of creepy, murderous clowns. And now the big-screen adaptation is set to do the same thing for a new generation of terrified viewers.

It journeys to the town of Derry, Maine, in the midst of a terrifying tragedy. After little Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) goes [more...]
Lately, it seems as though some kind of violence could erupt around any corner, anywhere in the world. And in Bushwick, that’s exactly what happens—and it leaves the residents of a Brooklyn neighborhood struggling to fight back against an unexpected attack while scrambling to try to make it out alive.

Bushwick stars Brittany Snow as Lucy, whose trip home to Brooklyn to introduce her family to her boyfriend turns [more...]
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