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Looking Glass
When tragedy strikes, different people handle the situation in different ways, turning to family or friends or work to get through the pain. The thriller Looking Glass shows one terrible way to overcome tragedy: by buying a creepy motel in the middle of nowhere.

Looking Glass moves into a small-town desert motel with Ray and Maggie (Nicolas Cage and Robin Tunney), a married couple trying to escape the pain in their past [more...]
Black Panther
With each passing year, the Marvel Cinematic Universe grows to include more heroes and villains, more storylines, and more fascinating settings. Audiences have followed the adventures of loyal soldiers, otherworldly gods, sarcastic billionaires, and a whole lot of science experiments gone wrong. But Black Panther is like nothing weíve seen before.

Black Panther travels to the African country of Wakanda, a seemingly [more...]
If thereís one thing that Liam Neesonís action movies have taught us, itís that the sweetest, most lovable family men can turn absolutely ruthless when it comes to defending their families. And in Braven, when a manís family is in danger, he stops at absolutely nothing to protect them.

stars Jason Momoa as Joe Braven, a logger whoís just returned home to his family after five days in the forest. But whatís waiting [more...]
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