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In the mid-‘80s, kids could shell out their quarters at the arcade at the mall to play the video game Rampage, which followed the adventures of three humans-turned-monsters who then attacked the city and everything in their path. Now Dwayne Johnson tries to stop a trio of genetically-modified beasts in the game’s big-screen adaptation.

Rampage tries to save the world from monstrous devastation after the debris from a secret [more...]
Ready Player One
As both director and producer, Steven Spielberg was responsible for many of the most beloved adventures of the ‘80s. And he gets to revisit many of those classics in the dystopian sci-fi setting of his big screen adaptation of author Ernest Cline’s award-winning young adult novel, Ready Player One.

Ready Player One journeys from the bleak landscape of 2045’s Columbus, Ohio, to the dream world of the OASIS—a virtual [more...]
7 Days in Entebbe
In 1976, a team of Israeli commandos was sent thousands of miles into Africa on a covert rescue mission known as Operation Thunderbolt—an operation that had to be planned in just a few days. And the story behind the mission is told in director José Padilha’s 7 Days in Entebbe.

7 Days in Entebbe tells the story of an Air France flight out of Tel Aviv that was hijacked shortly after making a stop in Athens. The [more...]
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