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ON FILM: Cardiac Corner
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In TVís classic cop show CHiPs, a couple of lovable cops motored their way into viewers homes each week as they worked to keep the California freeways safe. Now, writer/director Dax Shepardís movie adaptation gives the biker cops plenty of big-screen action and a whole lot of low-brow humor.

CHIPS returns to the streets of Los Angeles with a couple of new misfits on motorcycles. Jon Baker (Shepard) is a pill-popping [more...]
The quest for the perfect source of clean, safe energy has been a key topic of conversations and political campaigns for decades. But the sci-fi thriller Atomica takes this timely topic and turns it into the backdrop for an eerie but flawed futuristic adventure.

Atomica journeys into the not-too-distant future with Abby (Sarah Habel), a young facilities engineer for a ground-breaking energy company thatís found a way to [more...]
Kong: Skull Island
Itís been 84 years since the enormous gorilla known as King Kong first stormed his way into theaters. Now, thanks to the larger-than-life reboot, Kong: Skull Island, monster movie fans get to meet the legendary monster all over againóand, this time, in striking detail.

Kong: Skull Island travels to a mysterious uncharted island in the Pacific, where a team of scientists, explorers, and soldiers is tasked with mapping [more...]
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