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Transformers: The Last Knight
In 2007, director Michael Bay took a popular cartoon series and toy line and turned it into a big, noisy, and remarkably lucrative summer blockbuster franchise. And with the fifth film in the Transformers series, Transformers: The Last Knight, he continues to expand an already overcrowded franchise with more robot history and folklore.

Transformers: The Last Knight finds humans battling against the Transformers, [more...]
47 Meters Down
Some people go on vacation to sit in a chair and soak up the sun. Others go for the adventure—the pictures that they can post on their social media pages and the stories that they can tell their friends. And in 47 Meters Down, a vacation adventure goes horribly wrong.

47 Meters Down follows sisters Lisa and Kate (Mandy Moore and Claire Holt) on a getaway to Mexico. Lisa’s boyfriend has just left her, claiming that he [more...]
It Comes at Night
Whenever there’s danger—no matter how small—our first instinct is to do whatever we can to protect those we love. And in the quiet thriller It Comes at Night, a man’s quest to protect his family from worldwide chaos is complicated by the arrival of another family of survivors.

It Comes at Night stars Joel Edgerton as Paul, a devoted father who’s locked his family away in their home in the woods to protect them from a [more...]
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