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Pass the Popcorn!: 2017 Summer Movie Preview, Part 2
Now that weíve all had some time to digest all of the exciting moviegoing options for May and June, itís time to dive into the big (and not-so-big) releases of the last two months of summer.

Once again, though, I need to start with my usual disclaimers. Release dates can (and most likely will) change. In fact, theyíll probably change from the time I finish [more...]
Pass the Popcorn!: 2017 Summer Movie Preview, Part 1
Are you ready for summer? Because I sure am! Admittedly, the last few months of movies havenít been entirely unbearableóespecially when you compare them to other years. After all, weíve already seen movies like The LEGO Batman Movie, Beauty and the Beast, and [more...]
Movies 2016: A Little Traveling Music Please
Whew! 2016 has been a rough year, hasnít it? I donít know about you, but itís gotten to the point where Iím afraid to go online, for fear of another heartbreaking loss. Weíve lost some of the greats this yearóand even the excitement of another award season failed to make up for it. Needless to say, Iím happy to move on to 2017. But, before we look ahead to the movies that will (hopefully) bring us a little joy in the coming year, itís time [more...]
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