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Movies 2017: Is That All You’ve Got?
Each August, as I start to put together my annual fall movie preview, I start to get excited about what’s to come: the year’s big award contenders. No matter how the year has been up until that point, that fall preview usually gives me a little bit of hope. But I’ll admit that not even my preview of this year’s award season could give me that little tingle of anticipation. [more...]
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait: 2017 Fall Move Preview, Part 2
This year’s award season may have officially started, but we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Sure, we’ve seen a few interesting picks and a few options for those award nominations, but we’ve also seen plenty of disappointments. But now is the time when the studios pull out their big guns: their most promising contenders and their winter blockbusters. Now is when things get really crazy in theaters. So brace yourself…because it’s time [more...]
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait: 2017 Fall Movie Preview, Part 1
This year has been a pretty rough one for movie lovers. Even during what’s supposed to be the most exciting time of year—Summer Blockbuster Season—the truly exciting movies were few and far between. But now that the kids are heading back to school and our favorite jeans are coming out of their summer hibernation, it’s time for the studios to bring out their most powerful films of the year. It’s time for things to get good—or at least I [more...]
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