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Most of us are so busy on a daily basis that we long to take a step back from our lives—to walk away from the responsibilities and the busyness of it all. But in Wakefield, one man takes that step back from his life, only to find it impossible to step back in.

Wakefield stars Bryan Cranston as Howard Wakefield, a successful New York City litigator whose life takes a strange and sudden turn when he arrives home late one [more...]
In order to excel as an athlete—to rise above the others in your sport—it takes dedication, determination, and a whole lot of training. But in the sports drama Tracktown, a young track star gets a glimpse of what she’s been missing during those extra hours of training.

Tracktown follows Olympic hopeful Plumb Marigold (Olympic runner Alexi Pappas) in the days leading up to her final Olympic Trial. After a tough [more...]
The Dinner
Becoming a parent changes your life forever. Suddenly, you’re responsible for another human being—one who will rely on you, who will push your buttons, who will make you both incredibly proud and extremely nervous. And in The Dinner, two sets of extremely nervous parents struggle to make the right decisions regarding their troubled children.

The Dinner blends politics, parenthood, and psychology together to tell a [more...]
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