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ON FILM: Melodrama
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Beauty and the Beast (2017)
In the 26 years since its release, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has become a timeless classic—one that’s delighted generations of fairy tale fans. Now director Bill Condon adapts the beloved animated tale into a live-action release that’s almost as charming as the original.

The new Beauty and the Beast stars Emma Watson as Belle, the beautiful [more...]
Aaron’s Blood
When you become a parent, you suddenly realize that your world no longer revolves around you; it revolves around your child. There’s nothing you won’t do for your child. So in the thriller Aaron’s Blood, when a father is faced with a horrifying situation, he sets out to do whatever he can to care for his child.

Aaron’s Blood tells the story of devoted single dad Aaron (James Martinez), who struggles to care for his [more...]
War Machine
War is definitely serious business. As nations battle against one another, there’s so much at stake. But director David Michȏd’s War Machine takes a look behind the scenes to show that, at times, the business and politics of being at war can be completely absurd.

War Machine stars Brad Pitt as Gen. Glen McMahon, the somewhat-fictional four-star general who’s sent to Afghanistan in 2009 in an attempt to win (or [more...]
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