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The Truth about Lies
It seems as though most romantic comedies tend to revolve around some kind of misunderstanding, half-truth, or maybe a well-intentioned lie that puts a relationship in jeopardy. But in The Truth about Lies, one man piles lie upon lie to get closer to the woman of his dreams.

The Truth about Lies stars Fran Kranz as Gilby Smalls, an aimless young man whose main goal in life is to avoid stress—in his job, his [more...]
Alex & Eve
In 2002, My Big Fat Greek Wedding told the story of a Greek family struggling to accept a non-Greek newcomer. The Australian rom-com Alex & Eve takes the cultural dilemma one step further, showing what happens when two different families from two strong cultural backgrounds are brought together.

Alex & Eve follows the cross-cultural romance of Alex (Richard Brancatisano), a Greek Orthodox teacher who lives in [more...]
The Wilde Wedding
Weddings are supposed to be joyful celebrations—but, quite often, they’re also magnets for family drama and dysfunction. And in The Wilde Wedding, the marriage of a beloved actress and a well-known writer brings even more than the usual amount of wedding weekend misadventures.

The Wilde Wedding gathers with retired movie star Eve Wilde (Glenn Close) and her dysfunctional family as they prepare for Eve’s fifth [more...]
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