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The Wilde Wedding
Weddings are supposed to be joyful celebrations—but, quite often, they’re also magnets for family drama and dysfunction. And in The Wilde Wedding, the marriage of a beloved actress and a well-known writer brings even more than the usual amount of wedding weekend misadventures.

The Wilde Wedding gathers with retired movie star Eve Wilde (Glenn Close) and her dysfunctional family as they prepare for Eve’s fifth [more...]
Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Twilight series of books and movies a decade ago, publishers and producers have been scrambling to come up with the next big supernatural teen romance series. And though author Lauren Kate’s Fallen books made the best seller lists, the film adaptation falls flat.

Fallen stars Addison Timlin as [more...]
If you’ve ever had a pet, you know how they can become so much more than just an animal. They’re your best friend—even a part of your family. But in the quirky rom-com Unleashed, one woman is in for a big surprise when her beloved pets take on human form.

Unleashed stars Kate Micucci as Emma, a single girl whose bad luck with love convinces her to make some big changes—so she moves herself, her dog, Summit, and her [more...]
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