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ON FILM: Faith-Based Films
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Miracles from Heaven
In a world that’s so often filled with anger, violence, and hate, many of us find ourselves desperately searching for just a little bit of hope and humanity. And the religious drama Miracles from Heaven offers a little bit of sunshine through a flood of tears.

Miracles from Heaven tells the true story of the Beam family from Texas, whose lives—and faith—are shaken when 10-year-old Anna (Kylie Rogers) becomes sick. [more...]
It’s been a while since Biblical epics were popular in Hollywood—but, in recent years, films like Darren Aronofsky’s Noah and Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings have been finding their way to theaters. Now, as churches observe the season of Lent, director Kevin Reynolds offers his take on another popular Bible story in Risen.

Risen [more...]
The Masked Saint
Most people already have a pretty solid image of what Christians—and Christian entertainment—are supposed to look like. But the pastor in the religious drama The Masked Saint is sure to make you question your image of religious people—if you’re able to get beyond its imperfections.

Based on the true story of pro wrestler turned pastor Chris Whaley, The Masked Saint stars Brett Granstaff as Chris “The Saint” Samuels, who [more...]
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