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ON FILM: Out of this World
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The quest for the perfect source of clean, safe energy has been a key topic of conversations and political campaigns for decades. But the sci-fi thriller Atomica takes this timely topic and turns it into the backdrop for an eerie but flawed futuristic adventure.

Atomica journeys into the not-too-distant future with Abby (Sarah Habel), a young facilities engineer for a ground-breaking energy company thatís found a way to [more...]
Donít Kill It
Swedish action star Dolph Lundgren has seemingly played every kind of tough guy imaginable. Kicking off his career in the Ď80s, he played a KGB agent in a Bond film. He fought Rocky Balboa in the ring. He even played He-Man. And, since then, heís played everything from soldiers to villains. And in Donít Kill It, he takes on the supernatural.

Donít Kill It stars Lundgren as Jebediah Woodley, a traveling demon hunter [more...]
The Space Between Us
Teen romances often feature two completely different characters: one tough and one timid, or one human and one vampire. And while the young characters in The Space Between Us may both be lonely outsiders, one of them is a troubled teenage girl and the other is a boy from another planet.

The Space Between Us tells the story of Gardner Elliot (Asa Butterfield), a teenage boy whoís spent his entire life on Mars. In [more...]
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