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Aaron’s Blood
When you become a parent, you suddenly realize that your world no longer revolves around you; it revolves around your child. There’s nothing you won’t do for your child. So in the thriller Aaron’s Blood, when a father is faced with a horrifying situation, he sets out to do whatever he can to care for his child.

Aaron’s Blood tells the story of devoted single dad Aaron (James Martinez), who struggles to care for his [more...]
Wonder Woman
In recent years, Marvel’s Avengers have dominated the superhero genre, while DC’s heroes have fallen flat time and time again. But I’m happy to announce that, while Batman, Superman, and the Suicide Squad weren’t successful in their attempts, a woman—Wonder Woman, to be exact—has finally ended DC’s [more...]
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
For almost a decade, Marvel’s superhero movies have been summertime staples. Each May, audiences flock to theaters to kick off the season with the latest big, noisy, over-the-top installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, in August of 2014, Marvel took a chance on the quirky space adventure, Guardians of the Galaxy—a chance that turned into more box office [more...]
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