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True Skin
YouTube is full of a lot of rubbish and the odd piece thatís interesting, and True Skin falls into the latter category. If you have 6 minutes and 15 seconds, you have time to watch this short.

Itís a future cyberpunk noir, even with a city bathed in light. Very quickly weíre advised of the setup. In the future, no one wants to stay purely organic. People who are straight organic get diseases, they get old, they dieóand they [more...]
The quest for the perfect source of clean, safe energy has been a key topic of conversations and political campaigns for decades. But the sci-fi thriller Atomica takes this timely topic and turns it into the backdrop for an eerie but flawed futuristic adventure.

Atomica journeys into the not-too-distant future with Abby (Sarah Habel), a young facilities engineer for a ground-breaking energy company thatís found a way to [more...]
Donít Kill It
Swedish action star Dolph Lundgren has seemingly played every kind of tough guy imaginable. Kicking off his career in the Ď80s, he played a KGB agent in a Bond film. He fought Rocky Balboa in the ring. He even played He-Man. And, since then, heís played everything from soldiers to villains. And in Donít Kill It, he takes on the supernatural.

Donít Kill It stars Lundgren as Jebediah Woodley, a traveling demon hunter [more...]
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