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Other People
Even comedy writers can’t be funny all the time. In fact, as we’ve often seen, some of the funniest people are also some of the saddest and most tortured. And the indie drama Other People follows a funny guy through a year that’s anything but funny.

Other People stars Jesse Plemons as David, a comedy writer who leaves his life in New York City and returns home to Sacramento to help care for his mother, Joanne (Molly [more...]
Each week during the summer, people of all ages head to their neighborhood parks and fields to hit and catch and race around the diamond. But few of those games turn out like the one in the rec-league baseball comedy Undrafted, where the usual amateur baseball game spirals completely out of control.

Undrafted follows twelve intramural baseball teammates as they play their first playoff game. It seems as though almost [more...]
Holiday gatherings with family can be boisterous and fun, but they can also be tense and awkward—and sometimes even downright unpleasant. And in his award-winning indie debut, Krisha, writer/director Trey Edward Shults documents all of the complexities and growing discomfort of one family’s uneasy Thanksgiving celebrations.

Krisha follows one woman’s quest to reconnect with her family during a tense holiday gathering. [more...]
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