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Pictures grab our attention. They tell stories. They move us and inspire us. They teach us lessons without passing judgment. And the documentary Hondros tells the story of one man who traveled the world and captured some of the most memorable images of the 21st century.

Hondros follows the career of war photographer Chris Hondros, who traveled to the world’s most dangerous war zones and got close to the action in [more...]
Born in China
Each year, Disneynature introduces audiences to other creatures who share our planet. In this year’s release, Born in China, the studio’s team of tough and determined photographers travel to the plains and forests of China to examine the lives of some beautiful babies in the wild.

Born in China follows the stories of a number of animal families for a year—from one spring to the next. Though it shows five different [more...]
Ice Guardians
For about as long as the NHL has existed, hockey fans, analysts, and the media have debated whether there’s a place in the sport for fighting—whether it’s a necessary part of the game or an aspect that should be banned. And director Brett Harvey’s hard-hitting documentary, Ice Guardians, provides an insider’s view of the controversy.

Ice Guardians takes a closer look at the fighting debate, exploring the history [more...]
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