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Ice Guardians
For about as long as the NHL has existed, hockey fans, analysts, and the media have debated whether there’s a place in the sport for fighting—whether it’s a necessary part of the game or an aspect that should be banned. And director Brett Harvey’s hard-hitting documentary, Ice Guardians, provides an insider’s view of the controversy.

Ice Guardians takes a closer look at the fighting debate, exploring the history [more...]
Dying Laughing
Whether they’re performing in tiny comedy clubs and hotel bars or huge arenas and televised specials, stand-up comics dedicate their lives to making people laugh. But there’s more to the job than just being funny—and the documentary Dying Laughing explores both the funny and not-so-funny aspects of the life of a comic.

Dying Laughing goes behind the scenes in the world of stand-up comedy. Through interviews with a [more...]
Gimme Danger
From Nirvana to Sonic Youth, Red Hot Chili Peppers to Cage the Elephant, many popular bands of the last five decades have recorded covers and discussed the influence of The Stooges. And in the rock-documentary Gimme Danger, director Jim Jarmusch takes a look at the band’s tragedies and triumphs.

Gimme Danger documents the rise, fall, and eventual reunion of the innovative band The Stooges. The film opens in a strange [more...]
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