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ON FILM: Golden Oldies
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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Each year, Disney seems to dominate the box office, with fans of all ages racing to see everything from animated movies to Marvel superhero adventures to the latest Star Wars movie. But while the studio’s new movies are definitely exciting to watch, it’s nice to return to Disney’s roots from time to time—to get reacquainted with the movie (and the princess) who started it all.

Originally released in 1937, Disney’s Snow [more...]
The Lion in Winter
It’s Christmas of 1183, and King Henry II (Peter O’Toole) has to decide to name one of his three sons as heir to his throne. It’s an urgent matter because, many years earlier, a treasured dowry of land was paid to Henry in return for the pledge of marriage of Alais (Jane Merrow), sister of Prince Phillip of France (Timothy Dalton), to the next King of England. Now the time’s up; name the king and hold the wedding, or return the dowry. [more...]
Live and Let Die
In more than half a century, the James Bond franchise has had its ups and downs. Some of the films have worked better than others, and some have been more over-the-top than others. And 1973’s Live and Let Die definitely falls on the more outrageous end of the spectrum.

Live and Let Die stars Roger Moore as a slightly less debonair Bond. When a number of British agents are killed, Bond is sent to investigate. And as [more...]
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