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Riverdale: The Complete First Season
Not many comic book characters without capes can claim a 70-year publishing history, but near the top of that list has to be the red-headed, disaster-prone Archie Andrews and his friends from Riverdale High. Since 1941, the comics have traded in squeaky-clean high school hijinks alongside the occasional detour into other media. There have also been attempts to update the tone and content, and some artists have traded on that somewhat stiff [more...]
Red vs. Blue: The Chorus Trilogy
In its own odd way, Red vs. Blue: The Chorus Trilogy works as a condensed history lesson for the long-running web series and the growing studio behind it. Rooster Teeth started as a couple of guys using a process called machinima and a bunch of linked Xboxes playing Halo:Combat Evolved to create a loosely-animated parody of the popular gaming franchise. Now they’re a major player in online entertainment, with several animated and [more...]
RWBY: Volume 3
The fantasy world of Remnant has seen some rough times lately. It’s been besieged by hordes of monsters called creatures of Grimm. Teenagers are being trained as Huntsmen and Huntresses in order to fight back, while criminal gangs and powerful, shadowy interests seek to profit from the chaos. In February of 2015, Remnant faced its most serious tragedy when that world’s creator, animator Monty Oum, passed away suddenly following a routine [more...]
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