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ON FILM: Giggles and Guffaws
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Going in Style
As the old saying goes, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” And these days, it seems, are some pretty desperate times. So in director Zach Braff’s crime comedy remake, Going in Style, when three elderly men end up with their backs against the wall, they decide to act accordingly.

Going in Style follows three long-time friends who are pushed to do something completely unexpected. After the steel mill where [more...]
Unless you’re a critic, it’s generally frowned upon to offer your brutally honest opinions about things. We’re taught at a young age to soften blows, to respect others’ feelings, to mind our own business. But the quirky dramedy Wilson follows the adventures of a man who clearly didn’t learn those lessons.

Wilson stars Woody Harrelson as the title character, a socially awkward middle-aged man who lives alone with his [more...]
In TV’s classic cop show CHiPs, a couple of lovable cops motored their way into viewers homes each week as they worked to keep the California freeways safe. Now, writer/director Dax Shepard’s movie adaptation gives the biker cops plenty of big-screen action and a whole lot of low-brow humor.

CHIPS returns to the streets of Los Angeles with a couple of new misfits on motorcycles. Jon Baker (Shepard) is a pill-popping [more...]
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