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ON FILM: Giggles and Guffaws
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Throughout his career, Alexander Payne has directed some quirky yet thought-provoking filmsófrom Election to The Descendants. His latest film, Downsizing, is easily his biggest, most ambitious project yet. But, as weíve see time and time again, just because itís bigger than [more...]
I, Tonya
Figure skating is the kind of sport that requires grace and poise. Its stars are generally seen as prim and polished and disciplined. But in the 1990s, the figure skating world was shaken up by a hard-working, trash-talking, controversial competitor, whose story is told in I, Tonya.

I, Tonya stars Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding, a talented figure skater who spent her entire life on the ice, with her mother (Allison [more...]
The Disaster Artist
Since its release in 2003, a film called The Room has regularly sold out midnight showings in theaters around the country. Itís a film thatís gained cult status not because itís just that good but because itís just that bad. And in The Disaster Artist, director James Franco explores the making of whatís been called the worst movie ever made.

The Disaster Artist begins in San Francisco, where [more...]
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