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Once known for fairy tales about princesses overcoming the obstacles to meet their Prince Charming, Disney Animation has been working hard in recent years to expand their repertoire. And in Moana, their newest princess sets out on an adventure that has nothing to do with a handsome prince.

Moana ventures out across the seas with a headstrong girl from a beautiful tropical island. Moana (voiced by Auli’i Cravalho) will [more...]
The LEGO Batman Movie
In 2014, audiences and critics alike fell in love with the action and irreverent comedy of The LEGO Movie (and we haven’t been able to get “Everything Is Awesome” out of our heads since). Following the film’s overwhelming success, the animation team pulled out all of their darkest bricks and wackiest villains to produce an over-the-top superhero spinoff, The LEGO [more...]
Singing competitions have proven to be reality TV gold, with one show after another jumping on the bandwagon. So now Illumination Animation’s latest feature, Sing, brings the trend to the animated animal world, pitting pig against gorilla against porcupine in its quest for holiday box office gold.

Sing follows the adventures of down-and-out theater owner Buster Moon (voiced by Matthew McConaughey), who’s in grave danger [more...]
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