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Anyone who’s tried to get a young child to sleep at night knows that all kinds of scary monsters tend to come out at night. But in the Israeli fantasy Abulele, a boy meets one of the things that lurk in the darkness—and he learns that it’s not nearly as scary as he thought.

Abulele follows the magical adventures of Adam (Yoav Sadian), a troubled 10-year-old who’s struggling to come to terms with his older brother’s [more...]
A Fantastic Woman
This year’s award season has been a ground-breaking one—both in film and behind the scenes. And as Hollywood has begun to take baby steps toward promoting equality and justice in recent months, films like the Oscar-nominated Chilean drama A Fantastic Woman (Una Mujer Fantástica) promote the same message.

A Fantastic Woman follows the story of Marina Vidal (Daniela Vega), a waitress and nightclub singer who seems [more...]
Fun Mom Dinner
Thanks to the recent rise in wild comedies for women, Hollywood is finally acknowledging the fact that it’s not just the boys who like to let loose and have some fun every once in a while. And in the outrageous comedy Fun Mom Dinner, four women take a break from preschool pickup and bedtime duties for a night out with the girls.

Fun Mom Dinner follows an unlikely quartet of preschool moms on an unexpectedly outrageous [more...]
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