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AFK: The Webseries
“AFK” is shorthand for “Away From Keyboard.” It means that an online player is not going to be active for a bit. In this webseries, it means that several players have somehow been sucked into the game to become their characters. But instead of looking at the wonders of their characters, the series looks at the limitations of the players. The character may be male while the player is female or vice versa. The age of the character is no clue as to [more...]
Red vs. Blue: The Chorus Trilogy
In its own odd way, Red vs. Blue: The Chorus Trilogy works as a condensed history lesson for the long-running web series and the growing studio behind it. Rooster Teeth started as a couple of guys using a process called machinima and a bunch of linked Xboxes playing Halo:Combat Evolved to create a loosely-animated parody of the popular gaming franchise. Now they’re a major player in online entertainment, with several animated and [more...]
The Fundamentals of Caring
During the summer, theaters are filled with the noise and explosions of big-budget action movies. But if you’re ready for a break from the thrills and chills and CGI effects of Summer Blockbuster Season, you might want to stay home with the Netflix Original drama The Fundamentals of Caring.

The Fundamentals of Caring stars Paul Rudd as Ben Benjamin, a man who decides to work through the heartbreak in his own life by [more...]
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