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Sand Castle
When the US went to war in the Middle East, it changed the face of war—which, in turn, changed the face of war dramas. And the Netflix original drama Sand Castle offers another look at the complexities of the conflicts in Iraq—as seen through the eyes of a soldier who would rather be anywhere else.

Sand Castle ventures into the desert with Private Matt Ocre (Nicholas Hoult), a reluctant soldier who joined the reserves [more...]
True Skin
YouTube is full of a lot of rubbish and the odd piece that’s interesting, and True Skin falls into the latter category. If you have 6 minutes and 15 seconds, you have time to watch this short.

It’s a future cyberpunk noir, even with a city bathed in light. Very quickly we’re advised of the setup. In the future, no one wants to stay purely organic. People who are straight organic get diseases, they get old, they die—and they [more...]
Iron Fist: Season 1
Marvel’s Iron Fist falls flat from the start. It opens with Danny Rand (Finn Jones) walking into the Rand office building. Barefoot, dirty, and disheveled, he’s surprised that people don’t automatically accept that he’s the billionaire kid who was thought to have died fifteen years earlier.

The story is filled with gaps and flaws. At one point, Rand says, “I haven’t broken any laws.” But this is after he admits to buying a [more...]
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